High Noon Handmade is a one-person operation in Columbia County, New York. Every piece is made by hand in a little shed surrounded by dogs. I started this project in 2020 when I—like many others—found myself out of a job and searching for a way to get back to work.

Prior to lockdowns, I had spent about a decade in the body piercing industry and I was feeling burnt out by the shop dynamic as well as the scarcity of job opportunities with adequate ethical standards for working conditions. I knew that I would be doing myself, my fellow laborers, and my clients a disservice if I were to take a position that made me unhappy, so I decided to take my future into my own hands. I enrolled in a political science and history degree program, and I started High Noon Handmade. This little project is my way of staying afloat without compromising on my ethics or my happiness.

The gratitude I feel for every person who supports this business is immense. You have given me the gift of independence as well as the fluid schedule I need to dedicate time to my education.

Thank you for the bread, and thank you for the roses, too.

Dorchaidhe Spring