*Seconds Quality* Rose Cut Brown Diamond and Rose Gold Sabetha Charm


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– Seconds quality items are pieces with minor imperfections that do not impact wearability. These items are listed at a discount as a fun way to offer a deal while covering the cost of materials on my end. This is a retail only opportunity. As such, no discount codes will work with these items. Seconds quality pieces are generally NOT eligible for repairs because a lack of desire to pry them apart and put them back together is the purpose of selling them at a discount. I’ll still fix a broken threadless pin if that happens, but other than that, these are sold “as is” and cannot be sent back for repairs.

– What I would have charged if everything had gone as planned: $390

– What went wrong: I did some experimental stuff with the bezel and it looks more rustic than I prefer. The top corner of the diamond has a rough edge. I intended for the bezel to be higher to cover that, but it is still showing a little bit. The bails are a little thin but still feeling strong. Essentially, this piece is for someone who likes things that look rough around the edges.

– 14k rose gold

– 29mm x 6.85mm including bails and jump rings – the setting is about 7.5mm tall without the bails. The back is hammered.

– Rose cut brown diamond

– My charms are meant to be worn on seam rings, clickers, or threaded ends. I do NOT suggest securing such heavy items with threadless ends.

– Priced individually

– Due to being handmade at every step, items may vary slightly and sizes are generally rounded to the closest half millimeter.

– Ring not included! This is a decorative charm which is compatible with industry standard seam rings and clickers. Please visit your local piercer for assistance with rings and installation.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 4 cm


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